Chiropractic Testimonials

stars"For three years I have had back pain. Sometimes it would be severe and I would get sharp pains that really hurt bad. The pain was from my lower back and went up to my head.

I have seen a medical doctor, neurologist, a specialist for scoliosis, and I had an M.R.I. test done. All I was told was that I had a mild case of scoliosis and had to take some aspirin for my headaches and it would be taken care of when I got older.

I never questioned them because I figured that they're doctors and know more than me.

After a while I thought, "maybe they do know more than me, but what they don't know is the pain I am going through". After all I heard from numerous doctors of various kinds, no one ever said "ok, I can help you". Until now.

After exhausting all medical fields my parents thought that maybe a chiropractor, one who deals with the spine could help.

Believe me, my family was very skeptical because of all you hear about chiropractors. From this day on my family and I will not listen to negative talk about any profession.

Finally my parents decided that maybe seeing a chiropractor would be the answer. We made an appointment to see Dr. Cossifos. He gave me an examination and took x-rays of my back and neck. The examination was painless and he explained what he was doing as he went along. I was surprised because he was the only doctor who knew exactly where my pain was. After the exam we were told to come back in a few days and he would tell us what he found and if he could help me.

My mom, and, and I met with Dr. Cossifos. He showed us the x-rays and where the problems were. I finally heard the words "I am confident that I can help your daughter". I know I smiled because I remember those words made me very happy. This was the first positive reaction from any doctor in the past three years.

I am starting to see him three times a week for my adjustments. I felt a little sore at first but now I feel great! No headaches, no back pain.

I can't believe that after all that suffering from the time I was fourteen, that someone could make me feel great in just a few weeks.

If you have back pain or headaches and you are being told "nothing can be done" don't give up so soon. See Dr. Cossifos and he will be up front with you. He will listen to you and understand. He will answer your questions, honestly!

Thanks to Dr. Cossifos, I can live my life as I should, normally!"

- Melissa Quatroni

stars"When I first stated chiropractic therapy I had almost constant moderate to severe pain in my lower back and outer thigh for almost 2 and a half years.

This injury occurred after being thrown from an elevator after it had stopped. I also had a tight pulling feeling along my entire spine that would tighten with certain head movements at times.

During these painful 2 and a half years I had only slight temporary relief.

I was treated by an orthopedic specialist with injections and steroids. I was also sent by the orthopedist to two different physical therapists which used hot pack massages and muscle stimulation with electrodes.

After reading a complete magazine in my local newspaper, I decided to give chiropractic a try, since other forms of treatment had not offered much relief from my pain.

Soon after starting chiropractic therapy I experienced complete relief from outer thigh pain, and most of my back pain. The tight feeling in my back along the spine is completely gone.

The initial visit consisted of x-rays, a physical examination, and a complete medical and surgery history as well as any other condition past or present that might be used in diagnosis and treatment.

The second visit was an evaluation of the result found during the explanation of subluxation and its treatment was explained to me through aid of a replica of a spine.

My hobbies are sewing, craft, walking and reading. Before starting therapy, sitting, standing or walking for long periods of time caused severe pain in my outer thigh and lower back. After less than one month of three visits weekly, I was able to do all of my hobbies without pain.

I would recommend chiropractic for any one who has not achieved relief from pain.

I also would recommend a visit to a chiropractor before surgery or any evasive procedures are done".

- M. Braxton (Registered Nurse)

stars"I suffered from moderate to severe headaches, at least once a week, which had been accruing for the past 1-2 years. I never saw a physician for the headaches because I was under the assumption that they were brought on by stress, which is something I would have to control myself. Tylenol or aspirin would not touch the pain, the only thing that was useful was to sleep for a few hours. That was my main reason for consulting with a chiropractor, however, I also suffered from what my gastroenterologist called Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or I.B.S. This condition produced terrible pains in the stomach area. After undergoing two diagnostic tests and being prescribed four different medications within a six month period, I was finally told that I had I.B.S. and I would have to live with it. I don't think it is a coincidence that since I started chiropractic about two months ago, I also have not had a headache or any stomach pain.

I decided to try chiropractic after meeting my chiropractor! He convinced me that he could help my headaches, and said that I would probably see a decrease in the pains I suffered from I.B.S. I was skeptical at first, but quickly changed my mind after only a few visits. I clearly saw from my x-rays that there was some areas that needed to be worked on, and that day I had my first adjustment!

The headaches and I.B.S. that I had suffered from definitely began to interfere with my work. Since I am in a sales industry I meet with many people. If I am not feeling well, it will no doubt have an effect on my job performance. I do not worry about that anymore!

I would encourage anyone to try chiropractic for just about anything, especially those people who have gone from one doctor to another with no results!"

- Cheryl Werdel

stars"I have had arthritis of the cervical spine (neck) for the past several years.

My symptoms began with pain in the right heel, followed later by pain in the right forearm above the wrist. About two years ago I began to develop pain in both shoulders and upper arms, particularly on the right side.

I was treated by a neurologist and by two separate neurosurgeons. I had oral medication and three operations of the cervical spine, one at Beth Israel and two at Montefiore.

The pain in my right heel improved but the pain in my shoulders and arms became worse. The doctors stated that my condition was permanent.

I began seeing my chiropractor, Dr. Cossifos, several weeks ago. He took an x-ray and gave me a physical examination.

I noticed some improvement within two weeks of treatment. At present, I consider myself to be much improved. I can now take interest in things other than my illness and can perform household tasks which I couldn't do before.

Physicians like myself are taught to be skeptical of chiropractors, but I know better now, and would recommend this therapeutic approach to my colleagues. It is certainly working for me!

- Dr. Valdemar Rollins, MD

stars"I came to Dr. Cossifos suffering from severe debilitating headaches and neck aches for over 35 years. Since the age of 5, I would get headaches so intense, that it would cause nausea and sometimes vomiting and completely incapacitate me. They increased in severity and frequency and in the last 5 years, I had been suffering with 4 or 5 episodes per week.

At the age of 7, I had 2 EEG's done to test for possible causes. The results were negative, but they gave me medication at that time. At the age of 11, I went to an Osteopath for relief of a pinched nerve in my neck. The adjustments resulted in relief and were similar to treatment I am now receiving by Dr. Cossifos.

I happened to meet Dr. Cossifos when he came into my place of business.

After evaluation, it was discovered that I had 5 vertebral subluxations and no natural curve to my neck which was causing my head and neck aches. It was recommended that I begin chiropractic adjustments. The relief was immediate following the first adjustment and my pain and number of episodes of neck and headaches has been greatly reduced.

Since I am an avid outdoorsman, my condition sometimes hampered my activities often causing cancellation of many outings.

In a few short months, I have begun to live a normal life. I no longer have to monitor my daily activities for fear of triggering an episode of severe pain. My night of sleeplessness are almost non-existent.

It is hard for me to believe that a few adjustment have changed my entire life. I had endured my pain for so long needlessly. If I had known it was this easy and the results this dramatic, I would have done this years ago. I am truly amazed."

- Vito Maniscalco

stars"Dr. Constantine Cossifos has been my chiropractor for more than 2 years. In that time, he has treated me regularly for neck and back pain, scoliosis and general health issues associated with a medical condition I have.

My experience as a patient of Dr. Cossifos is a very positive one. First and foremost, he has been effective in treating the problems that have caused the neck and back pain I have suffered from chronically for years. My posture has improved through his treatments and through the adherence to an exercise program he has taught me to do on my own. This is important because Dr. Cossifos teaches his patients how to help themselves.

Dr. Cossifos has a very positive approach, is always warm and caring and seems to be constantly expanding his knowledge of his field.

It is my pleasure to offer this recommendation."

- Susan Nasta

stars"I slipped a disc in my lower back in 1987 while on vacation and this left me in considerable pain, so much so that I was barely able to walk for several weeks; at the time I was living in London, England. On my return home, I went to see my doctor who recommended that I see a surgeon, which I subsequently did. The surgeon administered a series of cortisone injections into my spine which lead no effect whatsoever; he even suggested surgery which I immediately ruled out. A friend recommended that I see a chiropractor and, although I was skeptical, I did so, undergoing a two month course of treatment and exercise after which time I was completed healed.

I moved to Rye, NY in 1992 and, after several years of having no problems with my back, I re-injured my lower back while scuba diving in Australia. I started having bi-weekly treatment with Dr. Cossifos; the treatment consistently largely of manipulation and stretching and within a short period of time my visits became weekly and then bi-monthly in a maintenance capacity. At the beginning of the treatment for my lower back, I discussed my general state of health with Dr. Cossifos and informed him that I regularly suffered from migraine headaches, and had done so since college. Dr. Cossifos took x-rays and found that my neck was out of alignment (due to an old rugby injury) and he commenced manipulation treatment for this. I immediately benefited from this treatment and the migraines became very infrequent and were of reduced intensity.

In 1998 my wife and I moved to Chappaqua, NY and I carried on visiting Dr. Cossifos even though it was much less convenient to do so; seeing him once a month for maintenance work on my back and neck. I continued to be in good health. However, in 1999 I was transferred for my job to London for over half a year and my problems (lower back pain and migraines) started getting worse. I briefly saw a chiropractor while in London but his treatment seemed to not have much effect. We returned to Chappaqua and I decided, solely for the sake of convenience, to visit a chiropractor who had offices close to where I lived. I started a new course of ultrasound and manipulation over the course of a couple of months which had no effect whatsoever; my lower back and migraines continued to get worse.

I recently decided to forsake the convenience of a local chiropractor and go back to Dr. Cossifos and I have just stated a new course of treatment with him. I have found that the results have been immediate and am working towards full health. While I am sure that the two doctors I saw in the interim are capable, my personal experience has been that Dr. Cossifos has been able to quickly relieve my pain related to my back and neck and then place me on a regular course of preventative maintenance. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dr. Cossifos to anyone who has problems with their back or neck or who needs any chiropractic care."

- Ian Doull

stars"The purpose of this letter is to express my sincere appreciation for your professional attention and service. If you recall, you assisted me after hours in an emergency situation on a Saturday. This was a first time visit, I was in the care of another Doctor who was unavailable. In this day and age, your "beyond the line of duty" commitment made a tremendous impression on me and my family. I have since fully recovered, followed your advice to the letter and recommended you highly to all those who will listen."

- Michael Eck

stars"This is for my fellow skeptics. I was quite apprehensive about chiropractic. However, after much time and great pain I felt I needed to at least try it out.

The positive results, not the least was greatly reduced pain, I have experienced would convince even a dyed-in-the-wool skeptic, such as I.

Your formerly doubtful and grateful patient, who is also married to a M.D.

- Anonymous


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