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Chiropractor New Rochelle NY Constantine Cossifos

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Constantine Cossifos D.C.

“The power that made the body, heals the body,” and it is easier to maintain wellness than to try to get your health back once it’s gone. Chiropractors help your body maintain wellness by keeping your nervous system in balance.

Since graduating in 1988, I’ve dedicated my life to helping others regain their health naturally through Chiropractic Care. After completing Pre-Med, I applied to Palmer Chiropractic University in Davenport, Iowa. This is where Chiropractic started. I felt if I was going to learn Chiropractic, I needed to get my education from the source.

If you or someone you know has been suffering without relief, call our New Rochelle office today. If we can help, we will tell you. And if we can’t, we will guide you in the right direction.

We have amazing patients!

The purpose of this letter is to express my sincere appreciation for your professional attention and service. If you recall, you assisted me after hours in an emergency situation on a Saturday. This was a first time visit, I was in the care of another Doctor who was unavailable. In this day and age, your "beyond the line of duty" commitment made a tremendous impression on me and my family. I have since fully recovered, followed your advice to the letter and recommended you highly to all those who will listen.

Michael E.

My experience as a patient of Dr. Cossifos is a very positive one. First and foremost, he has been effective in treating the problems that have caused the neck and back pain I have suffered from chronically for years. My posture has improved through his treatments and through the adherence to an exercise program he has taught me to do on my own. This is important because Dr. Cossifos teaches his patients how to help themselves.

Susan N.

I recently decided to forsake the convenience of a local chiropractor and go back to Dr. Cossifos and I have just stated a new course of treatment with him. While I am sure that the two doctors I saw in the interim are capable, my personal experience has been that Dr. Cossifos has been able to quickly relieve my pain related to my back and neck and then place me on a regular course of preventative maintenance. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dr. Cossifos to anyone who has problems with their back or neck or who needs any chiropractic care.

Ian D.

I can't believe that after all that suffering from the time I was fourteen, that someone could make me feel great in just a few weeks.

If you have back pain or headaches and you are being told "nothing can be done" don't give up so soon. See Dr. Cossifos and he will be up front with you. He will listen to you and understand. He will answer your questions, honestly!

Thanks to Dr. Cossifos, I can live my life as I should, normally!

Melissa Q.


Chiropractor New Rochelle NY

Are you looking for a chiropractor in New Rochelle? Chiropractic is one of the most fantastic healthcare professions, but only a small percentage of the population is aware of what it is all about. This website is intended to assist you in gaining a fundamental grasp of how our New Rochelle chiropractors can benefit you and your loved ones.

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Chiropractic is one of the most astounding and rewarding professions in healthcare, yet only a small amount of people really know what it entails.

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